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TOA EV-20R 啶米柰Ш压分∴收搂 built-in amplifier **夥檬秃兑撩窑揖脏壬 096 868 5455 崤 096 849 6566  
盟咽 : EV-20R
抡杷橥 : TOA
秘韫 : EV-20R
靡ひ弧翟 :  24,320.00      
靡ひ驹嗳 :  19,455.00
淇澎嗤∈颐 : toa_ev-20r.pdf
靡屡朽驼麓妈 :
TOA EV-20R 啶米柰Ш压分∴收搂 built-in amplifier

-琳 built-in amplifier 瑙室烈枚佃团逾晶⒐掖 8 馔遂 3 茄档 嗑阻团逾晶 monitor
-琳 line input 崤 output 瑙室烈枚佃袜っ阻艇盆 cd 嗣淄 啶米柰о盆雇阻逛撮
-琳 usb port 瑙室烈枚醚孩橥临浓摇ね辆郧嗟兔熹撮
-琳ㄘ脆柰佃褪循躬乖赐挂抨汀 瑙室烈枚貉狗帧嗍章Ж摇淞猡免抗浯 嗣淄啶米柰о盆 cd 浯榈莽
-垦А韫 playback 嗣淄 stop 室烈枚で氦亓ㄒ∶新秀∨浯
靡屡朽驼麓费椐肆 :

TOA EV-20R 啶米柰Ш压分∴收搂 built-in amplifier

 **夥檬秃兑撩窑揖脏壬 096 868 5455 崤 096 849 6566



  • TOA EV-20R 室烈枚貉狗帧㈤亭且龄撮吨4 ㈤亭且
  • TOA EV-20R 室烈枚貉狗帧㈤土倥浯楣夜∏枰 6 挂氛们 4 ㈤亭且
  • TOA EV-20R ∫玫柰恃页 input  芬п姬斯橐谎妨 酚闼椐枰碌柰∫勉б
  • TOA EV-20R 琳 Built-in Interval Timer 瑙室烈枚嗷源嗯楣㈤亭且练砧甸艇∫没眯∫蠕撮狄恋橥А颐
  • TOA EV-20R 琳 Built-in Amplier 瑙室烈枚佃团逾晶⒐掖 8 馔遂 3 茄档 嗑阻偷柰⊙号逾晶
  • TOA EV-20R 琳 Line Input 崤 Output 瑙室烈枚佃袜っ阻艇嗯韫 CD 嗣淄 啶米柰о盆雇阻规
  • TOA EV-20R 琳 USB Suppot 瑙室烈枚醚孩橥临浓摇啶米柰Г土驹青低渺浯
  • TOA EV-20R ㈤土倥氛韬压分〃袖凌顿 Compreaaed 酚闼猷适章Х砧浯榱栅爻酪
  • TOA EV-20R 琳ㄘ脆柰潦循唱乖 Analog 瑙室烈枚貉狗帧嗍章Ж摇淞猡免抗嗣淄啶米柰о盆 CD 浯殁绰得
  • TOA EV-20R 垦А飒谚 Playback 崤 Stop 室烈枚で氦亓ㄒ∶新袖∨浯


Specification : TOA EV-20R

  • TOA EV-20R Power Source Supplied from an external 24 V DC/400 mA power supply or from an optional AD-246 AC adapter
  • TOA EV-20R Power Consumption 10 W (rated output)
  • TOA EV-20R Wave Format 44.1 kHz sampling frequency, 16-bit PCM (monaural)
  • TOA EV-20R Frequency Response 20 Hz - 20 kHz ±3 dB (1 kHz) 50 Hz - 14 kHz ±3 dB (IT-450 mounted, 1 kHz)
  • TOA EV-20R Distortion 1 % or less (1 kHz, rated output)
  • TOA EV-20R Recording System USB data transfer or analog recording
  • TOA EV-20R Control Input Play 1-4, stop: No-voltage make contact input, pulse make length: 200 ms, open voltage: 30 V DC, short-circuit current: 10 mA removable terminal block (22 pins)
  • TOA EV-20R Control Output Busy: Contact capacity: 30 V DC/0.5 A, removable terminal block (22 pins)
  • TOA EV-20R Input Input/Recording input: Mic: -60 dB(*1), 2.2 kΩ/ Line: -20 dB(*1), 10 kΩ, (Mic/Line changeable), unbalanced, phone jack Line input: 0 dB(*1), 10 kΩ, unbalanced, removable terminal block (22 pins)
  • TOA EV-20R Output Line output: 0 dB(*1), 600 Ω, unbalanced, removable terminal block (22 pins) Headphone output: 0 dB(*1), 100 Ω, unbalanced, phone jack Speaker output: 3 W, 8 Ω, removable terminal block (22 pins)
  • TOA EV-20R LED Indicator POWER, USB, START/STOP 1-4
  • TOA EV-20R Maximum No. of Messages 4 Pre-recorded audio data: Message 1, Westminster chime(*2) Message 2, Ascending 4-tone chime(*2) Message 3, Descending 4-tone chime(*2) Message 4, None Note: The above audio sources can be overwritten by using the supplied software.
  • TOA EV-20R Maximum Recording Time 6 min
  • TOA EV-20R Message Delay Time 0, 2 s or 4 s (selectable)
  • TOA EV-20R Playback Interval Time ∞, 0, 5 s, 10 s, 30 s, 1 min, 5 min, 10 min, 30 min or 1 h (selectable)
  • TOA EV-20R Operating Temperature 0 ℃ to +40 ℃
  • TOA EV-20R Operating Humidity 90 %RH or less (no condensation)
  • TOA EV-20R Finish Case: ABS resin, black
  • TOA EV-20R Dimensions 210 (W) × 44.2 (H) × 181 (D) mm (excluding projection)
  • TOA EV-20R Weight 730 g
  • TOA EV-20R Accessory CD-ROM (USB data transfer software and sample chimes recorded)…1, Unbalanced-phone plug…1, USB cable (1 m)…1, Removable terminal plug (22 pins)…1, Rubber foot…4
  • TOA EV-20R Option Rack mounting bracket: MB-WT3 (for rack mounting one EV-20R unit) MB-WT4 (for rack mounting two EV-20R units) AC adapter: AD-246


USB Data Transfer Software Operation Environment : TOA EV-20R

  • TOA EV-20R Personal Computer Windows PC (equipped with the USB terminal)
  • TOA EV-20R Main Specifications CPU: Pentium 4, 2 GHz or greater Memory: 2 GB or more Free disk space: 10 MB or more (space for message storage excluded) Optical Drive: CD-ROM drive
  • TOA EV-20R OS Windows 7 Professional (32/64-bit) Windows 8.1 Pro (64-bit) Windows 10 Pro (64-bit)








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