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TOA EV-700 Digital Announcer 啶米柰Ш压分∴收搂  
盟咽 : EV-700
抡杷橥 : TOA
秘韫 : EV-700
靡ひ弧翟 :  68,880.00      
靡ひ驹嗳 :  58,548.00
淇澎嗤∈颐 : toa_ev-700.pdf
靡屡朽驼麓妈 :
TOA EV-700 Digital Announcer 啶米柰Ш压分∴收搂

翟吹柰磋枪 @soundscenter
靡屡朽驼麓费椐肆 :

TOA EV-700 Digital Announcer 啶米柰Ш压分∴收搂

翟吹柰磋枪 @soundscenter


TOA EV-700 嗷绻啶米柰Ш压分♂判嗯韫嗍章Т渊缘团 嗨烈型妈咬略瑙视嗣押∫勉б埂颐幻小胰 ∫霉余使 识夜氛枋腋颐承 室烈枚貉狗帧㈤亭且拎收搂浯槎支 256 ㈤亭且 で伊乱敲橇⊙苟支 3 枨饬


へ呈梁训 : TOA EV-700 Digital Announcer

  • TOA EV-700 Power Source Supplied from an external 24 V DC/400 mA power supply, Removable terminal block (2 pins) or from an optional AD-246 AC adapter
  • TOA EV-700 Power Consumption 10 W
  • TOA EV-700 Wave Format 44.1 kHz/32 kHz sampling rate, 16 bits PCM, WAV file (monaural)
  • TOA EV-700 Sound Source Rewriting Method LAN data transfer/Analog recording/ Direct write to memory card using the setting software
  • TOA EV-700 Audio Input MIC: -55 dB (*1) (microphone input volume control in maximum position), 600 Ω, unbalanced, φ6.3 phone jack (2P) LINE (rear): -20 dB (*1) (line input volume control in maximum position), 10 kΩ, unbalanced, Removable terminal block (12 pins) LINE (front): -29 dB (*1) (line input volume control in maximum position), 10 kΩ, unbalanced, RCA pin jack
  • TOA EV-700 Audio Output LINE 1, 2: 0 dB (*1), 600 Ω, unbalanced, Removable terminal block (12 pins) Headphone: 0 dB (*1), 100 Ω, monaural, φ3.5 mini jack (3P)
  • TOA EV-700 Frequency Response 20 Hz - 20 kHz ±3 dB (1 kHz) 50 Hz - 14 kHz ±3 dB (IT-450 mounted, 1 kHz)
  • TOA EV-700 Distortion 0.3 % or less (1 kHz, rated output)
  • TOA EV-700 Storage Media Compatible with CompactFlash(TM) specification Memory card
  • TOA EV-700 Number of Mountable Memory cards 2 (1 Memory card containing preset sound sources is supplied.) Backup operation available when 2 cards are mounted.
  • TOA EV-700 Number of Recordable Phrases 32768
  • TOA EV-700 Maximum Recording Time About 3 hours (at 44.1 kHz sampling rate) or about 4 hours (at 32 kHz sampling rate)
  • TOA EV-700 Audio Output Method Single channel monaural
  • TOA EV-700 Number of Playback Program Direct mode: 16 programs Binary mode: 256 programs 1 emergency message takes precedence over the above programs and is played back. R.E.M. (Recording Endless Message) playback (*2) can be performed.
  • TOA EV-700 Control Input Activations 1 - 16, playback, stop, recording, erasure/clear, emergency playback, emergency recording, emergency pause No-voltage make contact input, pulse make length: 50 ms or more, open voltage: 30 V DC, short-circuit current: 10 mA, Removable terminal block (12 pins, 16 pins)
  • TOA EV-700 Control Output Shorting outputs 1 - 8 (busy), Error: contact capacity: 30 V DC, 0.5 A, Removable terminal block (8 pins)


TOA EV-700 Network

  • TOA EV-700 Network I/F 100BASE-TX
  • TOA EV-700 Network protocol TCP/IP, UDP, HTTP, FTP
  • TOA EV-700 Connector RJ45 connector
  • TOA EV-700 Operating Display 7-segment LED, 5 digits
  • TOA EV-700 Operating Temperature 0 ℃ to +40 ℃ (32 ゜F to 122 ゜F)
  • TOA EV-700 Operating Humidity 90 %RH or less (no condensation)
  • TOA EV-700 Finish Panel: Aluminum, black, 30 % gloss, paint Case: Pre-coated steel plate, black, 30 % gloss
  • TOA EV-700 Dimensions 420 (W) × 44 (H) × 222 (D) mm (16.54" × 1.73" × 8.74")
  • TOA EV-700 Weight 2.4 kg (5.29 lb)
  • TOA EV-700 Accessory Memory card (Containing prerecorded audio files) …1, Rubber foot …4, Removable terminal plug (2 pins) …1, Removable terminal plug (8 pins) …2, Removable terminal plug (16 pins) …2, Removable terminal plug (12 pins) …2, Front cover fixing screw …2
  • TOA EV-700 Option AC adapter: AD-246 Rack mounting bracket: MB-15B